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The Saint Joseph’s Fund is a vital source of funding for scholarships and financial aid, enabling the University to finance a higher percentage of need and reduce student debt upon graduation. Gifts to the Saint Joseph's Fund allows us to be as prepared as possible to support the undergraduate population, for which 93% require some sort of assistance, should they experience further financial hardship while on Hawk Hill. Your support closes the widening gap between what a private college education costs and families are able to afford. This funding also diversifies our student body and invites a breadth of perspectives, ideas and opportunities for innovation.







Joey Tsz Ying Lam '21

Psychology Major

I have received multiple scholarships and financial aid from St. Joe's. Because of that, I was able to choose my top pick and attend a school that brings Jesuit values to the world. Gifts towards the Saint Joseph's Fund for Financial Aid are so critical and for that, I am thankful!"

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