Student in Need Fund

The goal of this fund is to offer assistance to students who are struggling with financial shortfalls while on their path to attaining a Saint Joseph's University degree. Some examples of the support we provide students: textbook and other educational supplies, assistance with transportation for family emergencies, assistance with purchases of professional clothing for internships/job interviews, reimbursement for medical or dental expenses, assistance with rent as a result of job loss, and purchasing technology and software that students need to succeed. With the support of generous donors like you, we are able to help those students who are truly in need.

Thanks to our VERY generous supporters, we've hit our first goal of $5,000. Now let's see if we can hit our next goal of $10,000 to continue to help our students in need!





Zavon Sample

Zavon Sample '21

International Business Major

What makes SJU so special is the people. A strong support group helped me succeed. I have also received financial support that helped with the costs of textbooks and other supplies. When people give to funds like the Student in Need Fund, it's a beautiful thing and it really changes people's lives."

Donor Wall

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